Communication Department



Jocelyn Fay, former communication director of the Southeastern California Conference, returned in October 2007 as assistant to the president for communication. She left SECC in 1991 to return to New England because of illness in her family, then moved to Hagerstown, Maryland, where she worked at the Review and Herald Publishing Association as a copy editor and magazine production coordinator.


Enno Müller joined the Southeastern California Conference in the beginning of March 2008 as assistant communication director. Before accepting this position, Müller was completing his master’s degree in religion from the Seminary at Andrews University. Though his degree is in theology, he also has a background in communication.
During his college years at Southern Adventist University, he was an announcer, producer, and editor for the college radio station. After finishing his undergraduate work he moved back to Maryland and joined the Hope Channel team. He worked there several years before continuing his studies.

“I have always wondered how my two passions—theology and communication—would be united. This job will combine both elements, and that is a tremendous blessing. I look forward to many years of service at Southeastern.”